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Thank you for your interest in my website. I am well-known for my high-quality elegant doll houses and miniature paintings, and my work has appeared in Nutshell News magazine.
I start with the basic shell of a doll house kit, and I add windows, walls, extra doors, and generally upgrade and change the doll house to make it unique.
I make my own furniture, paintings, and sculptures. I also use exquisite furniture and items from artisans all over the world.
The doll houses are fully decorated with working electric lights, real wood floors, carpets, and wallpaper.
Ordering a Doll House
Please realize that the creation of a museum-quality doll house requires a tremendous amount of time and effort on my part. The prices range from three thousand dollars, up, and the projects take 6 months to 1 year to complete.
Please e-mail me if interested in purchasing an heirloom that will be cherished for years to come. E-mail
4-Room Tudor Doll House
A 6-month project, recently sold.

My Current Project
Please visit my photo page for pictures of my current project: a 10-room Victorian mansion, complete with a "hidden" tower room harboring a grand piano and candelabra. This project has taken over a year so far. Please e-mail me if interested in purchasing this fantastic doll house.

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My miniature paintings and my current project are on display.

Tudor House
Beamed ceilings, stairway, working fireplaces!

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